3 Ways To Break The Routine In The Bedroom

Do you feel that your relationship has fallen into sexual monotony ? New Fine Arts will help you to discover ways to reinvent yourself and give your relationship a new spark.

We understand that routines are not necessarily bad: they help us to keep our lives under control, to pay more attention to other tasks and give us a perception of stability. When we like something, we want to repeat to relive the same sensations, but there may come a time when the comfort zone becomes monotonous.

If you feel that your relationship is no longer the same or want to improve it, keep reading and put into practice these tips that New Fine Arts  has for you.

New experiences: it’s about you and your partner trying something new, fun, pleasurable and that gives you both a lot of pleasure and fills you with adrenaline. This is a very wide field. If you are one of those who are a little scared, start lightly. Try new things but not so daring. If you like them, you will change and try other more daring things each time. Don’t forget to talk to your partner about what she might be fantasizing  about. You can try new experiences such as role playing, BDSM, sex in public, threesomes, group sex, swinging, steamy card games, body painting, erotic massages, edging, sex without penetration, having sex in different places than usual… This is where fantasies come into play, so…. let your imagination run wild!

New positions

Trying new positions is great fun. They help us to get out of the routine and, in addition, each position can enhance our favorite practices.  Here it will depend on how you like sex, how you and your partner enjoy it the most. There are those sex positions that favor deep penetration, that provide comfort or a new position in oral sex, that facilitate anal sex, that allow external stimulation, that favor intimacy… If you take a look at the Kamasutra or watch some porn with your lover, and try a few of them, you will surely find one that will discover new sensations and become part of your sexual repertoire .

Introduce sex toys

Sex toys  can be pleasure enhancers and excellent tools for self-discovery, and when used as a couple, it makes one or both of you feel much more pleasure.  For this reason, we encourage you to try them with your partner and get out of your sexual routine. There are many types of toys, materials, shapes that depending on the taste of the couple will be much more fun and pleasurable to bring to the relationship. you can visit an adult store and you will see the wide variety of sex toys, from vibrators, for anal sex, male stimulators, to those that you can control remotely and from your mobile phone.

As you can see, including new positions, new practices and new sensations in your sexual relations helps to maintain sexual satisfaction. So, don’t sit around and say goodbye to monotony and visit New Fine Arts  to complete this mission to try new things.

3 Things You Should Consider Before Entering a Sex Shop

Are you one of those who pass by the sex shops and still don’t dare to enter? There is nothing to fear, New Fine Arts gives you tips for when you visit these famous adult stores.

Visiting sex shops has become so popular that you wouldn’t even imagine that your neighbor, your cousin or even celebrities are frequent customers in this type of business.  Sexuality  is a very important issue these days, and we are not only talking about pleasure but health as well.

Knowing your body and having an active and healthy sexual life is also an important part of your daily life and in an adult store like New Fine Arts  you will find a lot of items that will make your sexual life much more pleasurable and safer.

So, when you visit one of these stores, consider the following tips so you don’t feel weird or embarrassed.

No judgments

Think that a toy and adult store is for enjoyment, so leave behind any thoughts or ideas that you may have been told about this type of store or if you have had a bad experience; and if you do not dare to visit it alone, do it with your best friend or your partner, it will be a unique experience for your  relationship .

Enjoy your visit, see the things you like and dare to try new things. Stop and analyze each of the products they sell.

No doubts

When entering an adult store, surely there will be sex toys or accessories that you do not know or do not know how they work 100%, this is your opportunity to get rid of all those doubts. In New Fine Arts our staff is professional, discreet, and willing to help you so do not hesitate and ask everything you want to know about sex toys, lingerie, BDSM or any other questions you may have.

Think about how you are going to enjoy either alone or with your lover this sex toys  that will make the next sexual encounters you have with your partner much more pleasurable. Of course, it will be worth the visit, leave the judgments behind and ask all the questions and get all the information you need to make the best out of it.


Visiting a store like New Fine Arts is the best opportunity to experience what for so long you have not dared. We have thousands of options of toys for women, for men, to share as a couple in addition to lubricants, sexy lingerie , BDSM items, without leaving aside that you can also find oils, gummies, lotions and CBD treats of CBD.

For your convenience New Fine Arts has 3 locations  in the metroplex, find your nearest store and enjoy all the benefits you will get by using sexual toys, not only for your own pleasure but if you take them to your relationship surely the passion will be taken to another level.

New Fine Arts is a safe place because you deserve pleasure, new emotions, and discretion.

The Most Popular Adult Toys to Spice Things up in Bed

Did you know that 42% of women and 54% of men in long-term, serious relationships aren’t happy with their sex lives? When you’ve been with someone for a long time, it’s easy to fall into a routine and have things go stale.

Seeing these stats might have you concerned that your partner’s sexually bored. So if you need to spice things up in the bedroom, then don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to find passion again, and one excellent option is to add sex toys to the mix.

Read on to find out what the most popular adult toys are so you can relight the fire in bed!

Fingertip Vibrator

Sensual touching can be a great way to bond with your significant other and also heat things up in the bedroom. Just running your hand across your partner’s thigh or arm can be electrifying!

Turn things up a notch by adding a fingertip vibrator to the mix. Just slip it over your finger and lightly graze your hand across your partner’s body.

Keep her on edge by avoiding the genitals, making sure to get close to the clit but not quite. It’ll drive her crazy!

Once you finally hit the sweet spot, you’ll have her writhing in pleasure.

Remote Control Bullet Vibrator

What makes actual sex in the bedroom so amazing is the buildup before. To keep things hot and steamy, during the day, some couples will text one another about what they want to do once they get home. They’ll also send each other naughty pictures!

Another way to tease your partner is to use a remote control bullet vibrator. Today’s technology lets you control these vibes from anywhere, whether you’re in the same room or across the world!

The woman puts the vibrator in her panties. Some are for external use only while others can go inside the vagina.

Throughout the day, the partner can control when the vibrator turns on and how intense the vibrations are, thanks to an app. This can keep both people on their toes until they’re both home and can get it on in the bedroom!

Vibrating Cock Ring

This is an interesting toy for couples to use since it provides pleasure simultaneously to both parties! It’s also a small and discreet toy, so you can bring it with you on trips if you wish.

The vibrating cock ring goes around the penis and can help the man maintain a rock-hard erection during sex. With the push of a button, the cock ring will start vibrating, which will provide direct stimulation to the clit. Some men also find the vibrations pleasurable, so it can be an out-of-the-world experience for both of you!

Wand Vibrator

The wand vibrator is a huge sex toy, so it’s not ideal for getaways, especially if you’re flying. But for everyday use, it’s amazing, especially since it provides powerful vibrations.

It’s too big to use during actual intercourse, but it’s great for foreplay. And if you’ve already ejaculated but are up for round 2 in a bit, or your partner needs more, the wand vibrator can keep your significant other busy while you rest and recoup.

Be forewarned that because the wand vibrator is so powerful, it’s also loud. So if you have roommates, make sure they’re out of the house first!

Double-Ended Dildo

For lesbian couples, double-ended dildos can provide hours of fun and pleasure. Usually, you’d need a harness to penetrate the other partner, but with a double-ended dildo, there are no extras needed.

Some of these sex toys also come with a bullet vibe, so there’s quite a bit of stimulation going on here! Things will definitely get heated in bed.

Anal Plug

Anal plugs can be used for couples of all sexual orientations, which is excellent for adventurous people. If you’ve always wanted to try anal play but it’s your first time, it’s best if you start with a small size first and size up as you get more used to it. There are sets made for this exact purpose!

Some anal plugs come with gemstones and accessories on the end, so browse your choices to get toys that’ll be pleasing to the eye. They also come with vibes too, so consider that feature if you’d like extra stimulation.

The important thing to remember here is to always use a flared toy for anal play. Never use vaginal toys for anal play, as these can get stuck and will require medical intervention to get out.

Bondage Tape

Want to explore things outside of the vanilla space? Then you can start with bondage tape. It’s an ideal way to restrain someone in a safe manner, and it’s easy to remove once you’re done.

Use the bondage tape to tie together your SO’s legs, arms, or even hogtie all their limbs together. The beauty of bondage tape is it’s so versatile, it can even be used across the eyes as a makeshift blindfold. And you don’t need any extra equipment to practice some light bondage either!

Feel free to add some other bondage toys to your order when getting bondage tape, such as a spreader bar, paddle, whip, etc. These can all enhance your experience!

Spice Things up With These Popular Adult Toys

All couples will need to spice things up every once in a while. So if your sex life’s been a little lackluster, it’s nothing to worry about, as it’s perfectly normal.

The important thing is that you take action and are proactive in keeping things in the bedroom interesting. And by picking up some new toys, you can certainly do that!

Are you ready to reboot your bedroom life with your partner? Then come visit us to buy fantastic adult toys for couples!

How to Get Your Girl Off: Clitoris Stimulators for Her Pleasure

It might be shocking to hear, but only around 18% of women say they can orgasm from intercourse alone. While sex can definitely feel nice, most women need some clitoral stimulation to reach that big O.

So just because you or your girlfriend can’t orgasm with penetration alone doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong. Everybody’s unique, after all!

Don’t look at it as a hindrance, but instead, as an opportunity to add something new to the bedroom. More orgasms mean more fun!

To help you out, here are some of the best clitoris stimulators you can get yourself or your girlfriend!

Bullet Vibrator

If you’re looking for a discreet sex toy to use almost anywhere, then the bullet vibrator is great. Wherever and whenever you want to have a quickie, you can pull out this vibe and get yourself or your significant other off.

Admittedly, bullet vibrators don’t have the best designs to fit with the vulva. But when you want an orgasm, it’ll do in a pinch!

Sonic Wave Vibrator

Vibrators of the past simply turned on, vibrated, and stimulated the clit until orgasm’s achieved. But for many women, direct clitoral contact can be too much, so what then?

Today, an invention’s solved this problem: the sonic wave vibrator.

When you first look at one, admittedly, it has a weird shape. It looks more like an ocarina than a sex toy, but trust us, it’ll get the job done.

At the top of the toy is a small round part (which looks like a mouthpiece). Instead of holding it up to your mouth though, you’ll put it on the clit. The toy creates a small suction around the clitoris and emits gentle sonic waves so nothing’s touching the clit directly.

The result? You’ll enjoy intense orgasms without feeling overstimulated!

Wand Vibrator

If you or your partner is someone who needs intense stimulation to get off, then you’ll want a wand vibrator in your arsenal. This sex toy is large and in charge, and you can put your money on it providing plenty of clitoral stimulation.

In fact, its only job is to stimulate the clit! So if you want a no-frills, no-fuss toy, then this one is it for you. There’s a dial to turn the intensity up or down, and that’s it. And fair warning: even the lowest setting is pretty intense, so it’s not for the faint of heart!

Dual Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator

If you or your girlfriend’s never orgasmed with penetration, then this type of clitoris stimulator is a treat. It can’t be used during intercourse, but it’s a nice toy to use when you’re in between rounds.

The sex toy comes in a U-shape so one end can stimulate the clit while the other end stimulates the G-spot. The resulting orgasms can be intense, but they’ll be so out of this world, you’ll be begging for more!

Some also allow for remote-controlled fun, so if you’re the one who doesn’t get to use the toy, you can still participate in some fun.

Finger Vibrator

Finger vibrators are an excellent way to have your partner involved in clitoral stimulation. You can wear the finger vibrator and your partner can tell you where to place it, and she can keep giving you directions for more/less pressure and positioning.

Not only can this be a sexy and intimate activity to do together, but it can also help you learn more about her body. And if you leave the vibe with her, she can also do some extra exploration on her own too!

Hands-Free Vibrator

Having your hands busy with a vibrator can limit you to what you can do with your significant other in bed. Plus, there’s a hand and arm in the way!

Luckily, there’s such thing as a hands-free vibrator. It looks like an egg-shaped vibrator with a “wing” on either side. These wings tuck behind the labia and hold the vibrator in place, which leaves both your hands free to do whatever you want!

Throw in a hands-free vibrator during foreplay and things can get a lot steamier. With 4 hands in the mix, there are a lot of other body parts that can be touched!

Oral Sex Simulator Vibrator

Does your girlfriend love orgasming from oral sex? Then an oral sex simulator vibrator can offer a similar feeling!

There are several options out there, but there are 2 main ones you’ll find. The first is made to look and feel like a tongue, and when you turn it on, it wiggles back and forth to imitate real oral sex.

The other has a rotating wheel with soft attachments. When you turn the vibe on, these attachments will lightly brush the clitoris. Needless to say, the higher you turn it up, the closer you’ll get to the big O!

Clitoral Vibrator With Fondling Nubs

Regular vibrators offer women stimulation from just 1 point. But a clitoral vibrator with fondling nubs increases that to 3! As a result, these toys offer full-cover stimulation.

Like other vibrators, these have several different modes, so you can cycle through them to find the right intensity. And better yet is, some are made of silicone, so you can bring the sex toy into the shower.

Get the Best Orgasms With These Clitoris Stimulators

Clitoris stimulators can be fun to have on hand. Not only can they help women reach orgasm easier, but they can also be a nice thing to have for solo play.

As you can see, there are so many possibilities out there, so start experimenting to find the best way to stimulate the clitoris. Having a collection at your disposal will mean hours of fun!

If you’re looking for “sex stores near me” and you’re in the Dallas area, come visit our locations. We have a wide range of sex toys that’ll upgrade your sex life!

5 Common Erotic Fantasies

We all have sexual fantasies and there is nothing wrong with them. On the contrary, erotic fantasies can improve our sex life. New Fine Arts tells you 5 of the most popular and common erotic fantasies, can you keep a secret?

Erotic fantasies  can have numerous roots, such as a true experience, and has a broad selection of materials that expand our personal and sexual environment, new bodily experiences are discovered, emotions that occur because of seeing a porn movie, feelings provoked by an erotic dream; or It’s entirely up to you to come up with new ideas and use your imagination.

If at any time you have a fantasy that is out of your schemes, remember that they do not have to be a clear reflection of what you really are or wish to carry out. Fantasies  are yours and it is your decision if you want to share them with your partner. It will also be up to both of you to decide if you want to fulfill and not leave them only in your imagination.

These are the most common fantasies:

  1. Having sex with a celebrity: One of the most common sexual fantasies is to have sex with a celebrity or a TV show/movie star. What’s nice about these kinds of fantasies? They are limitless and really simple to accomplish if you dare to utilize your imagination. Watch a film or TV show starring your favorite celebrity and indulge in your wildest fantasies. This is a simple and attractive method of increasing your sexual desire. If you want, you can invite your lover to join you.
  2. Having a public sex session: Another of the most popular dreams is to have sex in public. When the possibility of being discovered or being seen by someone else enters the picture, the excitement level rises. It’s only a matter of getting out of bed and exploring in areas like your car’s hood, an elevator, a public lavatory, or somewhere else that raises your body temperature. It’s entirely up to you, always remember the law in your city or town, that can be costly. And if you want to add sexy lingerie, lubricants, or anything else, don’t hesitate and visit one adult store in Dallas as New Fine Arts.
  3. Having a threesome: The threesome is one of the most common fantasies, here it doesn’t matter the gender identity or sexual orientation of anyone, just having fun with two other people. Some people would love to see their partner having sex with other person and that’s why having a sexual threesome becomes so much fun and is a new way to experiment.
  4. Long distance sex: Seeing your partner enjoy, having to hide, the risk of being caught… are some of the reasons why using a remote-control vibrator, is one of the favorites sexual fantasies of men. Also, in these times technology helps a lot because there are many sex toys that can be controlled long distance from your mobile phone. So, if you are in a long-distance relationship for any reason this is a perfect solution to keep the flame of passion alive with your lover. Visit one of the 3 locations of New Fine Arts and you will find tons of sex toys including high-tech toys.
  5. BDSM: To dominate or to be dominated, to feel pain or to make feel pain, to receive orders or to give them, what comes to be BDSM, this is another of the most common fantasies . Of course, if you try it is very important that you know its rules and that there is consensus and consent. In new fine arts we have a great variety of BDSM articles so that you can give free leads to your fantasy.

Whatever is your fantasy, visit New Fine Arts  and browse through the great variety of sex toys, lingerie, BDSM items, lubricants and much more because you deserve pleasure, excitement and discretion.

How to Increase Intimacy By Watching DVD Porn Movies Together

In one year, around 155 years’ worth of porn gets uploaded to the internet. While most people choose to watch this solo, finding something you like as a couple can be a minefield. So how can you use porn to increase intimacy?

One way is by taking time to choose a DVD. Read on as we discuss why you should consider DVD porn to improve your sexual relationship.

Signs of a Healthy Sex Life

The definition of healthy sex life can differ from couple to couple. Some people may have more regular sex than others. Sexual desire can also increase and wane depending on your circumstances.

Problems occur when you have different levels of libido. For example, one person may want sex daily and the other person may only be aroused once a week.

Signs that you may have the basis for a healthy sex life are vast. Mainly, it begins with nonsexual physical contact. Regular compliments, expressions of love, and general flirting also show that you have the foundation for healthy sex life.

Once you have these, you can begin to stoke the flames. Make playful gestures and spend time together, even arranging date nights. Encourage deep conversations about life and love.

How to Increase Your Own Libido

If the problem lies with you, start by attempting to increase your own libido. There are a number of steps you can take. This can help if your partner has a higher sex drive than you.

Do Exercise

To increase libido, you need to start by taking care of yourself. This starts and ends with being healthy.

Exercise will not only increase your stamina, but it will boost serotonin and lift your mood. If the lack of libido is due to confidence issues stemming from your appearance, then it will start to rectify this.

Watch DVD Porn Movies

Porn is easy to access these days through digital means. However, this fast-paced method of gratification could be part of the problem. This does not mean you should avoid porn, but you should think about consuming it in a different way.

When you buy porn DVDs, you need to make conscious decisions on which ones to buy. Instead of instant fixes, this makes you think long and hard about your fantasies and desires. Everything from visiting stores that sell adult movies, to making the time to sit and watch the DVD increases the excitement.

Take time out to select and watch a movie. Once you have done it alone, you may have a better idea of what you want from your sex life.

Change Your Lifestyle

Exercise is just one way to change your lifestyle to assist in creating a positive libido. You may have many other factors that are contributing to a decrease in your sexual desires. Alcohol and drug use are the most important, but a poor diet or lack of sleep could also be to blame.

Should You Watch Porn With a Partner?

This totally depends on your partner and their personality. If porn makes them shy and embarrassed, then don’t force it upon them. Instead, use it as a springboard to talk about why you should share your sexual interests and not be ashamed.

Once you have spoken about this, try some soft adult porn based on the conversation. Not all porn has to be hardcore, and this may be a good way to open up to each other gently.

For other couples, watching porn is a good way to increase arousal. It is a great way to observe new fantasies and explore new kinks before you try them yourself.

Tips for Watching Porn With a Partner

While most relationships will benefit from watching porn together, there are some tips you can use to enhance the mood. We have collected our favorites below.

Buy Porn DVDs Together

What one person enjoys when watching porn can be a total turn-off for another. This is why it is important to choose something together.

Have you ever had those moments when you sit down to watch a movie, then end up flicking through Netflix for an hour being indecisive? This is exactly what will happen if you decide to search for porn online without preparing.

Instead, talk about your fantasies in advance and travel to an adult store to buy porn DVDs. Choosing one will make you think about what you really want. You can then set a concrete time, such as a date night, to sit down and spend time together watching it.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Pornstars

The best porn DVD movies are like watching any fictional production. Professionals will have taken part in the videos, meaning they have a lot of time and experience to put into porn. They will have bigger penises, boobs, and stamina that will far outstrip anything you have.

That is fine. In fact, it is better if you can understand that what you are watching is fictionalized entertainment. It can better help you enjoy the mood and the moment.

Make Connections While Watching

When you watch porn alone, the focus is on your own pleasure. Keep in mind that the purpose when you watch as a couple is to increase the intimacy between you.

Ask questions about what is going on. Does the action on-screen turn your partner on? Is it something they would like to try one time?

Once you have watched and spoken, then you can move into making a move. Light touching and stroking can start off the intimacy. If things get steamy, don’t be afraid to get rid of the porn altogether as, by this point, it has served its purpose.

Finding DVD Porn Movies

Now you know how DVD porn can benefit your relationship, you just need to find a retailer. There will be a number of stockists near you. Discuss what you want with your partner then venture out together.

New Fine Arts is the adult megastore that has everything you need. From porn to lingerie, we can spice up your sex life in an instant. Click here to find your local store today.

The Sexiest Lingerie Trends for 2022

Lingerie sales have soared in the past year, and as Valentine’s Day approaches, you’ve likely been thinking about finding new and exciting undergarments. Whether it’s a gift for yourself, your partner, or your ‘it’s complicated,’ lingerie is a great way to show someone you’re thinking about them.

You likely know the basics of lingerie, but it’s always fun to find new options. This guide will explore the sexiest lingerie trends for 2022 so you can feel confident about your next purchase.

Ready to learn more? Let’s get started.

Comfort Is Key

Let’s face it: we all had to wear something uncomfortable for the sake of looking good. More and more lingerie brands realize that sexy and comfort don’t need to be competing against each other; they can go hand in hand. It’s hard to feel like a bombshell if you’re tugging and adjusting every five minutes.

This realization is paving the path for women’s lingerie, introducing more pieces that can be worn all day without any discomfort. This means natural fabrics, notably organic cotton, and nothing that will start poking your sides. There’s no need to sacrifice comfort; you can look good and feel good.

People with bigger busts always had to worry about bras without underwires, but you’ll notice diverse bralettes making a huge wave for all sizes. The more comfortable you feel when you undress, the more you can focus on having a good time.

Bold & Bright

The classic red lingerie will always be popular. It’s sexy and timeless, which makes it a great option year-round.

With that said, the appetite for colorful and fun lingerie continues to grow. You’re sure to start noticing more brands embrace the fact that women want to experiment with their wardrobes, especially their underwear drawers.

It seems that people are intrigued by all of the different potential color combinations, from bright green to hot pink. As people embrace their individuality, the demand for unique colors that can’t be found anywhere else increases.

Although it may seem risky to purchase lingerie with bold and bright colors as a gift, it’s a risk worth taking. Think of how common it is to gift someone classic colors. Wouldn’t you want to give your loved one a colorful, unique gift that benefits everyone?

Let’s Be Transparent

People are embracing their figures, and they are ready to show it off! It’s no wonder that one of the sexiest lingerie trends is completely see-through pieces and styles.

There are sheer mesh bodysuits, underwear that leaves little to the imagination, and cute bralettes that look and feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

The allure of this trend is that you can put it on in the morning, under your work clothes, and surprise that special (and lucky) someone in the evening. It’s the tease of being nude that feels exciting, and you’re sure to feel a rush of excitement from wearing barely-there women lingerie.

Old School Cool

While some of the more frustrating traditional aspects have disappeared (anyone can wear lingerie nowadays), there’s something captivating about reinventing classic pieces. Think of those classic pin-up magazines from the early 1900s. The beautiful woman smiling, wearing a vintage piece that is to die for.

More lingerie brands are creating pieces that fit into a classic shape or style, but there’s something different about it. Maybe it’s a bold color, a design detail, or an uncommon fabric.

You don’t have to stick to traditional pieces either. There are corsets and slips that have an endearing nostalgic quality but have been upgraded to meet the standards of modern-day fashion. Not to mention that plus-size lingerie barely existed at the time, and now there are options for every body type out there.

People want to embrace high-waist underwear and 80’s silhouette bras. Vintage fashion is exploding, so it makes sense that the undergarments are following suit.

Any worthy adult store is sure to carry some vintage-inspired pieces.


Lingerie pieces on their own are already beautiful and get the blood flowing, but what if you add a little pizzazz? That’s right, one of the lingerie trends you’re sure to see in 2022 is jewelry and sparkles.

Look for pieces with pearl or crystal detailing, which adds a quaint structure and helps draw the eye to your, ahem, assets.

Although these pieces may be more noticeable under clothes, they add an elegance that is worth saving for the right time. You can wear a loose dress on top of a sequined bra or underwear doused in glitter.

Be careful when you shop for jeweled pieces; some of them have a tendency to be a bit uncomfortable. If this is a gift, then make sure that none of the detailing could end up digging into your loved one’s skin. Search for ‘sex stores near me’ or ‘adult store near me’ to find the bejeweled lingerie set of your dreams.

Sexiest Lingerie Trends

There’s clearly no shortage of lingerie options out there. From over-the-top to barely-there, if you can think of it then it probably exists. As exciting as all of these options may be, it can be intimidating to know where to start.

Knowing the sexiest lingerie trends for 2022 will help guide you towards the styles and pieces that people are loving. Whether you’re wearing it alone or gifting it to a loved one for a special night out, you’re sure to have a big smile on your face.

Don’t miss an opportunity to feel sexier than ever. One of the best adult stores in Dallas is New Fine Arts. Check out our selection of lingerie that makes the perfect gift for your lover or yourself.

Sexy Gifts That Can’t Be Missed This Valentine’s Day

One of the favorite dates for many is approaching and if you still don’t know what to give, New Fine Arts  gives you the guide of the favorite gifts for this Valentine’s Day.

No doubt Valentine’s Day  is still one of the favorite dates to give and receive gifts. No matter if it’s your wife, girlfriend or friend,  sex toys will always be an excellent choice because they don’t go out of style,  give satisfaction and you can be sure that they will thank you. It’s not something like a dinner or flowers that they will forget soon, but they will continue to use it for a long time.

So here are the perfect gifts that can’t be missed on this special day.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are the most easily recognizable sex toys . They are typified by having a comfortable and easy to grip handle, from where two rounded arms come out. One thinner, intended for the clitoris and the other for the G-spot, a little more curved and larger. Most of them have different adjustable vibration levels, so you can increase the level of intensity. And don’t forget that you can choose different materials and of course some are waterproof for safety and fun.

For couples

Bringing sex toys into the bedroom can help keep the fun and excitement going when you reconnect intimately, especially on this date. Sex toys for couples are popular these days, and they can be fun and stimulating for both him and her. You can choose the perfect couples’ vibrator for high-end sex. it’s a dual motor vibrator designed especially for couple sex. It comes with the vibrator itself and is controlled remotely or through a mobile app. so even when you’re not in the same room the fun and pleasure still works long distance. It’s perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day .  more intimately.

Clitoris sucker

There are some devices that are specifically designed to mimic the human mouth and tongue caressing sensations on the clitoris. Depending on preference, it can provide light or intense stimulation. it is certainly the perfect complement to foreplay.

Also, if you are not with your partner, it is surely a gift that will remind you when you are enjoying it alone.

Oils and Candles

Oils can be a fun element of foreplay and help establish a deep connection with your partner before things start to heat up.

And scented candles will help you create the best ambiance for your passionate moments. Light the candle and let it give off its incredible aroma, it will start to add a romantic touch to the evening.

Sex Swings

Sex Swings  can take your sex life to a whole new level if you’re willing to give them a try. They are easy to install and give you the opportunity to try different sexual positions. You can easily take it out and place it on the door when you need it and put it back when you don’t need it. It is a gift that can last you for a long time and you will be able to enjoy it with your partner.

If you are still not sure and haven’t decided on the ideal gift for this Valentine’s Day, we recommend you visit New Fine Arts. We have 3 locations in DFW  with thousands of options to choose from. Toys, lingerie, BDSM, CBD, lubricants and many more things that you might not have even imagined.

What Are the Benefits of CBD? 8 Tips for Buying the Best CBD Oil

CBD oil and products have become more accessible than ever. You can find CBD oil in adult stores, sex stores, gas stations, or in a local CBD dispensary near you.

Choosing or finding the best CBD oils can take a lot of hard work. You have to do background checks about your choice of stores. And before that, you should at least know what it means to find the best CBD oil.

Wondering what CBD can do for you and how to buy the best CBD oil? Keep reading to check out this informative guide.

How to Buy the Best CBD Oil

Now that you know the benefits of CBD oil, how do you find the best CBD adult store in Dallas? Keep reading for these tips.

1. Look for a One-Stop Best CBD Oils Adult Store

Quality, time, and convenience are of the essence when buying CBD products. It’s already a lot of work choosing and selecting a CBD adult store near me. You want your store to offer different forms of CBD if you’re going to explore it in different ways.

A one-stop CBD shop makes CBD products accessible and convenient for your needs. You can find different brands, forms, and flavors of the best CBD oils in one adult store. New Fine Arts is the leading adult store for all your CBD needs.

2. Search for “The Best CBD Oil Adult Store Near Me” and Read Reviews

The best criteria for finding the best CBD oils are researching and reviewing different stores. Usually, you would start by searching “CBD adult stores near me”. After that, use reviews to narrow down to the best CBD stores.

3. Buy the Best CBD Oil From Renowned Brands

Reviews can help you determine the reputation of a CBD store or brand. There are many brands skirting regulations mainly due to few FDA interventions. We did all the heavy work for you by pooling all the best CBD oils from the top brands in our store.

4. Ask for Recommendations About the Best CBD Oil Adult Store Dallas

Don’t underestimate friends and relatives when you’re choosing CBD products. Someone in your social circle is likely to be knowledgeable about the best CBD oils in Dallas.

Instead of googling for “CBD adult store or sex store near me,” you’re better off talking to people with experience using CBD. Your friends are more likely to lead you to a credible CBD store near you.

5. Base Your Choices of CBD Adult Store on Your Needs

CBD is a versatile product and it’s unbelievable how it can be optimized to suit entire audiences. For example, CBD for sleep may contain melatonin. And cosmetic CBD may contain natural ingredients like Aloe Vera.

Each CBD store caters to a different audience, so you would want to choose a store that caters to your needs. If you are looking for CBD for sexual wellness in Dallas, visit New Fine Arts. This is for the simple reason we rank top for search terms like “sex store near me Dallas”.

6. Research About the Composition of CBD Oil Sold in Your Store

A report published by the Consumer Brands Association shows immense consumer confusion about CBD. Only 60% of Americans are familiar with CBD while 39% confuse CBD with marijuana.

It’s not easy to find a safe CBD product. The CBD market is messy, with considerable testing, oversight, and regulatory gaps. 70% of customers say they trust CBD products if they come from well-known brands.

7. Focus on Quality Rather Price to Get the Best CBD Oils

Researching online for the best CBD products is one thing. Finding quality CBD products is another thing. Prices and content about CBD can sometimes be misleading.

For safe and high-quality CBD products, it’s best to choose organic hemp-derived products. Organic hemp-derived CBD products are free of THC and harmful chemicals. Hemp contains 0.3% or less THC.

8. Ask For Certificate of Analysis Before Ordering

Consumer Reports recommends asking for a CBD product’s COA before buying. COA, or Certificate of Analysis, shows the performance of CBD products after testing for THC, CBD, and contaminants.

What Are the Benefits of Buying CBD Oil From New Fine Arts in Dallas?

New Fine Arts is a one-stop shop for the best CBD oils in Dallas, TX. You’ll get your favorite CBD brand in your choice of form in any of our stores. Find a store near you here.

Be Sure of High-Quality CBD Oils

Reviewing a range of CBD products to find what you need can be time-consuming and arduous. We stock verified and in-demand CBD oil brands to help you find the best CBD oils faster.

You’ll find the renowned best CBD oil in our adult store Dallas. Save time and find quality.

A Whole Range of CBD Products

Our range of CBD products includes

  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD E-Cigs
  • CBD E-Cig Oil
  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Lotions
  • CBD Candies and Treats

All our CBD products are from vetted and renowned CBD brands.

Safe THC-Free CBD Products

One of the concerns you might have when choosing CBD oils is whether it’s THC-free or not. Remember, THC products are illegal in Texas. Always ask for a certificate of analysis to ensure you’re buying tested and certified CBD oils.

Open 24/7 Throughout the Week

All New Fine Arts adult stores in Dallas are open around the clock and throughout the week. Either buy online or walk into our stores anytime or talk to our CBD experts.

Buy the Best CBD Oil to Enjoy All the Benefits

The best CBD oil can offer plenty of health and wellness benefits. But with CBD products unregulated yet mainstream, it’s not easy to find the best.

New Fine Arts is a top source of the best CBD oils in Dallas. You’ll find every form and type of THC-free CBD product in our stores. Find a store to visit to see what products might suit you.

Which Vibrators (Including Rabbit Vibrators) Guarantee the Best Time?

Did you know that people who have used sex toys are more satisfied with their sex life, both with their partners and themselves? Most of us can use a little extra help in the bedroom, whether it’s for solo play or with multiple people. And even if you know what you like already, a “helping hand” can be just what you need to elevate your orgasms!

If you’re looking to improve your self-love and sexual playtime, then you’ll want to add some vibrators to your collection. Read on for some interesting toys you should get, including rabbit vibrators!

Clitoral Vibrators

The fact is, only 25% of women can consistently orgasm during vaginal intercourse. For the majority, they need clitoral stimulation to achieve the big O, so it makes sense that you’d start with a clitoral vibrator. You can use it for both on your own or with a partner, especially if you need that extra push to orgasm during sex.

Clitoral vibrators usually have simple designs, as they’re intended for external use only. Your clitoris is on the outside of your body, after all.

To use a clitoral vibrator, just hold it against your clit with comfortable enough force. You can switch between lighter or stronger vibrations, as well as different vibration patterns. It’s worth exploring to see what you like!

Bullet Vibrators

If you like what clitoral vibrators have to offer, but want something with less power and more discretion, try bullet vibrators. As the name suggests, these are smaller versions of the clitoral vibrator. They’re great if you travel often and want something you can bring along without anyone noticing.

Bullet vibrators are ideal for pairing with other types of sex toys, such as dildos and harnesses. If you and your partner have been looking to spice things up in bed, then bullet vibrators are a sure bet!

Wand Massagers

On the other end of the spectrum from bullet vibrators are wand massagers. These are large vibrators that are shaped almost like a microphone. And indeed, once upon a time, they were actually used as neck massagers.

While the other 2 types of vibrators we mentioned earlier are usually charged by AA, AAA, or watch batteries, wand massagers are typically plugged into the wall. The cord might limit you a little, but when you see how much power it has, it’ll be worth it!

Wand massagers have a lot more power to them, so they’re ideal for people who need more intense stimulation. Some are whisper-quiet, but others can be a bit noisy, so they’re not good to use if you have roommates.

An added benefit is you can indeed use the wand massager for pain relief in your neck and other muscles. So you’ll get the most bang for your buck!

Internal Vibrators

Internal vibrators are also known as G-spot vibrators. These are carefully designed to accommodate the female anatomy and target the G-spot, which is located about 1-2 inches inside the front vaginal wall. Because of this, you’ll notice that internal vibrators are slightly curved.

You might need some lubricant to make it easier to insert the sex toy, so make sure you pick some up in addition to your new purchase!

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators aren’t for the faint of heart. These come with a bunch of bells and whistles that can be difficult to figure out for novices, so we’d suggest familiarizing yourself with the above vibrators before purchasing one of these.

Rabbit vibrators are a type of combination vibrator that can stimulate women both externally and internally. They have 2 heads; one has the rabbit head that stimulates the clitoris and the other has a slightly thicker head that’s for vaginal stimulation. Some also have twisting attachments that are ridged and bumped for extra pleasure.

Anal Vibrators

Here’s something that men can also use! If you’re into anal play, always make sure to purchase a vibrator made for anal play, as they’re designed with a wide or flared base. This prevents the toy from completely entering your colon, which will not only be painful, but also embarrassing when you have to go to the ER for removal.

There are some anal vibrators made specifically for prostate stimulation. They’re similar to G-spot vibrators since these vibrators are designed to focus on a man’s prostate.

For a better time, you should purchase lubrication for insertion. Make sure you don’t switch between the anus, vagina, or mouth, as this can lead to infections.

Vibrating Cock Rings

Here’s another vibrator that men can use. Vibrating cock rings are fun for both solo and partner play. These go around the penis and vibrate for external stimulation.

For solo play, you can combine this with manual stimulation or a masturbator sleeve. Otherwise, your partner can feel the pleasurable vibrations while you’re up close and personal with one another.

Looking for an Adult Store Near Me?

Now that we’ve piqued your interest in vibrators and rabbit vibrators, the next step is for you to actually acquire these toys! Whether it’s a small bullet vibe or a rabbit vibrator with many attachments, New Fine Arts is the adult store in Dallas you need to visit to pick up some new sex toys for your collection.

We’ve got 3 locations across Dallas, so it’s easy to find a sex shop near you. Our experts are waiting to help you find the right vibrators to introduce to the bedroom!

If you’re ready to stop searching “sex stores near me”, then come visit one of our shops today. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!