The Sexiest Lingerie Trends for 2022

Lingerie sales have soared in the past year, and as Valentine’s Day approaches, you’ve likely been thinking about finding new and exciting undergarments. Whether it’s a gift for yourself, your partner, or your ‘it’s complicated,’ lingerie is a great way to show someone you’re thinking about them.

You likely know the basics of lingerie, but it’s always fun to find new options. This guide will explore the sexiest lingerie trends for 2022 so you can feel confident about your next purchase.

Ready to learn more? Let’s get started.

Comfort Is Key

Let’s face it: we all had to wear something uncomfortable for the sake of looking good. More and more lingerie brands realize that sexy and comfort don’t need to be competing against each other; they can go hand in hand. It’s hard to feel like a bombshell if you’re tugging and adjusting every five minutes.

This realization is paving the path for women’s lingerie, introducing more pieces that can be worn all day without any discomfort. This means natural fabrics, notably organic cotton, and nothing that will start poking your sides. There’s no need to sacrifice comfort; you can look good and feel good.

People with bigger busts always had to worry about bras without underwires, but you’ll notice diverse bralettes making a huge wave for all sizes. The more comfortable you feel when you undress, the more you can focus on having a good time.

Bold & Bright

The classic red lingerie will always be popular. It’s sexy and timeless, which makes it a great option year-round.

With that said, the appetite for colorful and fun lingerie continues to grow. You’re sure to start noticing more brands embrace the fact that women want to experiment with their wardrobes, especially their underwear drawers.

It seems that people are intrigued by all of the different potential color combinations, from bright green to hot pink. As people embrace their individuality, the demand for unique colors that can’t be found anywhere else increases.

Although it may seem risky to purchase lingerie with bold and bright colors as a gift, it’s a risk worth taking. Think of how common it is to gift someone classic colors. Wouldn’t you want to give your loved one a colorful, unique gift that benefits everyone?

Let’s Be Transparent

People are embracing their figures, and they are ready to show it off! It’s no wonder that one of the sexiest lingerie trends is completely see-through pieces and styles.

There are sheer mesh bodysuits, underwear that leaves little to the imagination, and cute bralettes that look and feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

The allure of this trend is that you can put it on in the morning, under your work clothes, and surprise that special (and lucky) someone in the evening. It’s the tease of being nude that feels exciting, and you’re sure to feel a rush of excitement from wearing barely-there women lingerie.

Old School Cool

While some of the more frustrating traditional aspects have disappeared (anyone can wear lingerie nowadays), there’s something captivating about reinventing classic pieces. Think of those classic pin-up magazines from the early 1900s. The beautiful woman smiling, wearing a vintage piece that is to die for.

More lingerie brands are creating pieces that fit into a classic shape or style, but there’s something different about it. Maybe it’s a bold color, a design detail, or an uncommon fabric.

You don’t have to stick to traditional pieces either. There are corsets and slips that have an endearing nostalgic quality but have been upgraded to meet the standards of modern-day fashion. Not to mention that plus-size lingerie barely existed at the time, and now there are options for every body type out there.

People want to embrace high-waist underwear and 80’s silhouette bras. Vintage fashion is exploding, so it makes sense that the undergarments are following suit.

Any worthy adult store is sure to carry some vintage-inspired pieces.


Lingerie pieces on their own are already beautiful and get the blood flowing, but what if you add a little pizzazz? That’s right, one of the lingerie trends you’re sure to see in 2022 is jewelry and sparkles.

Look for pieces with pearl or crystal detailing, which adds a quaint structure and helps draw the eye to your, ahem, assets.

Although these pieces may be more noticeable under clothes, they add an elegance that is worth saving for the right time. You can wear a loose dress on top of a sequined bra or underwear doused in glitter.

Be careful when you shop for jeweled pieces; some of them have a tendency to be a bit uncomfortable. If this is a gift, then make sure that none of the detailing could end up digging into your loved one’s skin. Search for ‘sex stores near me’ or ‘adult store near me’ to find the bejeweled lingerie set of your dreams.

Sexiest Lingerie Trends

There’s clearly no shortage of lingerie options out there. From over-the-top to barely-there, if you can think of it then it probably exists. As exciting as all of these options may be, it can be intimidating to know where to start.

Knowing the sexiest lingerie trends for 2022 will help guide you towards the styles and pieces that people are loving. Whether you’re wearing it alone or gifting it to a loved one for a special night out, you’re sure to have a big smile on your face.

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