7 Reasons to Hit That CBD E-cig Before Getting Frisky in the Bedroom

Are you looking to have better sex? There are all kinds of products out there promising just that with little to no results. That’s why the sexual enhancement supplement market is over $800 million in the US.

Well, there are plenty of ways to increase your sexual pleasure that don’t require a prescription or sketchy pill. As it stands, CBD e-cig might be the best, most natural option for better sex. Here are a few reasons why!

1. CBD Can Improve Libido

CBD is a known libido (sex drive) booster, which should all-around translate to better sex. An increased libido directly translates to increased sexual pleasure, which you’ve probably experienced.

Think about it. Have you ever had sex while not entirely in the mood? Did you or your partner enjoy it nearly as much as when you were fully in the mood?

It’s unlikely that either of you did. Increasing your libido will help you engage more in sexual activities, from foreplay to a satisfying ending.

Keep in mind that some research suggests that men and women who use marijuana (including both CBD and THC) may develop a lower sex drive. However, those same studies suggest an increase in sex drive for infrequent users of both sexes.

2. CBD Can Help You Relax

Sometimes, it’s difficult to relax in the bedroom, especially with a new partner. If you have anxiety or any other issues that may hinder your ability to perform, CBD can help you achieve a more relaxed state of mind.

Another way this can help improve your bedroom time is by potentially maximizing your time spent having fun. For example, when we’re tense, it’s easy to want to rush things.

Conversely, when we’re in a relaxed state, it’s a lot easier to take our time and enjoy ourselves. If this is an area you struggle with, consider trying CBD and a little less caffeine next time you’re in the mood!

3. CBD Can Help Reduce Pain

Most of the research around CBD has been for its pain relief benefits. CBD has shown promising results for pain reduction across the spectrum, which can offer plenty of benefits in the bedroom. No, not just for kinky stuff!

Some people experience pain during penetrative sex, which can make sex a lot less enjoyable. If you experience pain in the bedroom, make sure you are using the proper lubricant, warming up properly, and communicating with your partner.

Still, if the problem persists, CBD is a great way to help calm your nerves and reduce pain or discomfort.

Also, penetration isn’t the only part of sex that may cause you pain. 84% of adults experience back pain in their lives, and other chronic pain conditions are all-too-common. This can cause pain or discomfort during many (or all) sex positions.

Either way, for maximum benefits, we recommend using your CBD e-cig within an hour before engaging in sexual activity. The same applies to most benefits on this list.

4. Increased Orgasms

Good sex leads to good orgasms. It’s a simple 1:1 ratio that we can all understand.

Well, there are dozens of ways that CBD can help lead to better orgasms, from improving your libido to reducing pain and increasing sensitivity. Again, more research is needed, but the anecdotal and existing evidence is positive. If you have trouble achieving orgasm or if they just aren’t what they used to be, give CBD a try and see if it works for you!

5. Better Erections

Tension, stress, and improper blood circulation are all literal boner-killers. The way that erections work is that a muscle holds back the blood flow to the penis. For blood flow to enter the penis, this muscle needs to relax.

When we’re tense, stressed, or have poor circulation, it’s difficult to achieve or maintain a full erection. If you have these chronic issues, then you may not even know your full potential!

While more research is needed, CBD is widely used as both a stress reliever and a promoter of healthy blood flow.

How to Choose the Right CBD Products

If you’re interested in trying CBD before your next bedroom adventure, you need to choose the right products. Make sure you shop from reputable sellers, as some CBD products are unregulated and have unsafe additives.

You can always verify these products with a quick online search to read online reviews. However, you can typically check for third-party certifications on product labels or ask the supplier for more details.

Most importantly, you should know the extraction method. CBD products that use CO2 extractions are quite safe to consume, especially compared to those using butane or other chemicals. If you’re worried about vaping, there are plenty of other CBD products to try that don’t require inhaling anything.

To be safe, find an adult store near me that sells reputable CBD e-cigs and similar products. By choosing a sex store, you can kill two birds with one stone and pick up some special goodies for the best sex of your life!

Try Your CBD E-Cig Next Time

Now that you know some reasons to try a CBD e-cig before having fun with your partner, consider giving it a try for yourself. CBD is extremely popular for many different reasons, and enjoying those intimate moments is just another reason to give it a try.

Stay up to date with our latest product tips, and check out our Adults At Play shop to find the right products for your needs!

New Fine Arts Tips for Buying Your First Sex Toy

When you’re interested in unwinding and enjoying yourself, few items are as fulfilling as a well-designed sex toy. Sex toys will become a $62 billion industry by 2030. This shows that the stigma of masturbation is all but gone and that people are owning their sexuality and have no qualms about taking matters into their own hands.

If you’re late to the sex toy party, worry not – there are plenty of selections and lots of good information that will help you find the suitable toy for your needs and desires. Keep reading to learn more about some New Fine Arts approved tips for finding the perfect sex toy.

Know the Different Types of Sex Toys

The first thing that you’ll notice is that there are plenty of different sex toy options you can choose from. They differ based on the type of sensation, use, size, and other factors.

Here are a few of the main types of toy categories that you should know about:

A Variety of Vibrators

The vibrator is a classic and a perpetual favorite of many. As the name suggests, it creates a vibrating sensation that stimulates your sex organs and brings intense pleasure.

Today’s vibrators are discreet and come in various sizes and power settings.

Dildos and Clitoral Stimulators

Dildos are fun toys that people often use when having sex with each other or solo. They tend to focus more on realism and penis shape than intricate vibrating settings. There are a variety of different types of dildos, and you can look into different dildo sizes so that you find the fit that is the most comfortable for you.

Next, you may want to look into toys that focus on the most fascinating sex organ. There are a variety of toys that specifically target the clitoris with various sensations and settings. These toys are fun either solo or with a sex partner.

The clitoris has more than 8,000 nerve endings, making it one of the most sensitive areas of the human body.


Miscellaneous Sex Items

You can also purchase a variety of toys that will help you or a sex partner get the most out of intimate time. Some miscellaneous sex items that you can purchase include:

  • Sexual lubrication
  • Hard and soft handcuffs
  • Bondage restraints and blindfolds
  • Edible panties and other goodies
  • Scents, lotions, and massage creams

Figure out what mixture of sex items works for you and put together a goodie bag.

Shop for the Best Price and Value

Now that you know some options, make sure that you look into different prices for the best toys available. Look into the materials, such as silicone, rubber, and latex.

Check out some sex shops that will help you find toys put out from the best brands available.

Adults At Play Approved Toys

Adults at Play is an adult store that can help you out with any sex toy purchase that you’re looking into. These tips will help you find what you’re looking for the next time you’d like to spice things up in the bedroom.

For all your questions on sex toys, lingerie, cannabidiol (CBD) and so much more, don’t hesitate to hit our message box for more information.

Erotic Massages with CBD Oils

Were you aware that the CBD industry is worth more than $9 billion?

Lots of people have been raving about using CBD to improve all kinds of wellness issues. Whether you’re new to CBD or you’re looking for new ways to try it, you should consider giving and receiving erotic massages from your partner with CBD lotions.

Are you wondering what makes these types of massages so special? Continue reading this guide to learn all of the cool details about CBD and how it can spice up your sex life.

Why Use CBD Oil for Massages?

Getting a massage is the perfect way to relax and feel connected with your partner. Women in particular can feel more aroused by receiving a massage since they’re strengthening the emotional bond with their partners. While a normal massage can be a great part of your foreplay, adding CBD to the mix can take you and your partner to new heights.

CBD helps people de-stress and have a positive mood, which means that they can be more present during sex. If you have performance anxiety or find your mind wandering often, CBD will make it easier for you to focus on the pleasure in your body. CBD also improves blood flow, which means that your senses will be heightened when your body gets the supplies it needs.

How to Use CBD Oils for Sex

There are lots of sexy massage options you can use when you’re working with CBD. Beginners may want to start with a CBD topical that they can rub on the skin like any other type of massage lotion. Our bodies absorb CBD within a few minutes, so you can expect to feel incredible by the time you’re ready to have sex.

CBD is safe and healthy for our genitals as well, which means that you could even use CBD lube. Lube helps both partners feel comfortable during penetration.

Which Sex Stores Near Me Should I Visit?

Are you asking yourself, “Which adult store near me should I go to so I can buy CBD oil?” It’s helpful to do some research on adult store options in your area so you can get the most bang for your buck. The first step you can take is to read online reviews to figure out where other people in your community like to go.

From there, you can browse each adult store’s website to learn more about the types of CBD products they offer. When you’re browsing, you should make sure that the prices are fair and the ingredients are high-quality.

CBD Can Take Your Erotic Massages to the Next Level

Everyone should incorporate erotic massages into their sex routine much more often. Now that you’ve read this guide, you can look forward to surprising your partner with the best massage they’ve ever received.

Adults at Play has several locations throughout the city. Contact us to learn more about our business.

Sexy Lingerie for Date’s Night

Can you believe that the global lingerie industry is worth around $86 billion?

Lingerie has worked wonders for people’s confidence and it revitalizes sex lives. Treating yourself or your partner to lingerie is bound to have exciting results.

Are you asking yourself, “What kind of lingerie should I get when I visit an adult store near me?” Continue reading if you’d like a full breakdown of all of the sexy lingerie options you should buy.


One of the most popular lingerie options is a corset because it hugs women’s bodies in all the right places.

This is a wonderful pick for women who want to boost their confidence in the bedroom since it can enhance their silhouette like never before.


Teddies are another gorgeous option to consider because they come in so many colors, materials, and styles. With this much variety, you’ll never get bored wearing one or seeing your partner in one.

If you’re on the hunt for Date Night’s lingerie, you could find a red lacy teddy or a teddy with thrilling features like breast cutouts.

Garter Sets

Are you wondering, “What’s the hottest lingerie I can choose in sex stores near me?”

You can never go wrong with garter sets since they’ll make your partner soak up your image from head to toe. You’ll feel unstoppable once you lace up your garter set.

Different Panty Styles

Buying lingerie at an adult store can be challenging since there are so many types of panties that you can admire. It’s worth taking the time to learn about how each cut sits on a woman’s body so you can choose the most flattering option.

Lots of people enjoy thongs when they want to be naughty and more conservative styles like cheekinis when they want to tease their partners.


Bralettes should be on your list of new lingerie to buy. They may not be practical for everyday use since they don’t have much support, but they’re great at letting you rock your natural assets.

Going for a sheer look will drive your partner wild since they’ll be able to get a peek at what’s underneath.


Most people may not think of robes when they reflect on the different types of lingerie out there, but they can amp up the sexiness. If you throw on a short robe made of silk or lace, then your partner will be dying to see what’s underneath.

Robes are the perfect way to get your partner excited since they’ll know that something amazing is about to happen.

Are You Excited to Shop for Some Sexy Lingerie?

Buying sexy lingerie is the perfect way to spoil yourself or your partner. With this boost in confidence, you’ll have much more passionate sex.

Are you ready to visit an adult store in Dallas? Come on over to New Fine Arts. Contact us to learn more about our locations and products.

Which Male Masturbator Is Good For You?

We know that when it comes to sex toys there are thousands of options on the market and today, we will talk specifically about masturbators for men. If you still haven’t decided to buy one or you don’t know how to choose one, here Adults At Play  gives you some tips to make this decision easier.

Men use masturbators , which have some extended items into which the penis can be inserted and, when moved upward and downward, orgasm can be reached and ejaculation can be performed using the masturbator. To understand better, imagine a penis cover. Typically, it is a flexible sleeve that fits within a rigid container for protection. Therefore, if you’re looking for one, consider the following factors.


To understand what flexible masturbators are, we call masturbators known as masturbator eggs. This type of male masturbator is the most purchased because of its discretion and price. When you open the eggshell, you will see that, when you take out the egg, you will find the lubricant that comes inside. To make the use of the Egg smooth and pleasant, apply the lubricant inside the egg and when you insert your member into it, it is made of silicone, soft and flexible. All eggs have in its interior some grooves and supports with different shapes that will be responsible for providing pleasure. Although its design is for single use.


This is for those of you who are looking for a complete masturbator . There are models with the option of incorporating a vibrating bullet on the surface of the masturbator. On the other hand, there are also models that connect directly to the mains and through a set of balls (pearl necklace type) that go up and down, are able to make you enjoy them incredibly. Besides, the size is not small and the sound is loud… But the pleasure is immense! New Fine Arts has the best models and brands for all these kinds of sex toys.


Here there is pleasure for all tastes but when we hear “sex dolls”, we relate them with the image of plastic dolls with excessive mouth orifice and nakedness that existed a long time ago.  Nowadays we can find busts, hips with sexual organs, vaginas,  or full body dolls with amazing realism. You can even get them with clothes, hair, and real weight. Their price will depend on their material, size, weight, and the requirements you want.

Don’t forget to use a good water-based lubricant, there are tons of options available at Adults At Play. And to extend the life of these sex toys , you need to take care of them. It is necessary to wash them after each use. Depending on the material, we will have to use specific sex toy soaps and for the sophisticated ones, powders are essential to maintain that fantastic texture. Remember that everything you can find at Adults At Play  and if you have any questions our personnel are ready to help you in a professional and discreet manner. 

Raise Your Vibe: How to Use Vibrating Panties the Right Way

In the United States, over 50% of women report using a vibrator during sexual encounters. They are commonly used during partner sex as well as masturbation. If you enjoy using a vibrator or you’re interested in trying one, rest assured you’re not alone.

Vibrators come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, but vibrating panties can be a fun and frisky way to elevate the experience. These are panties with a built-in vibrator that can create a sensual and naughty experience in many different creative ways.

If you’re wondering how you can incorporate vibrating panties into sex life, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to learn some of the best ways to put your buzzing panties to use.

Experimenting With Foreplay

Foreplay is an important part of the sexual experience, especially for women. This includes kissing, touching, oral sex, and manual pleasure. Not only is the lead-up to intercourse pleasurable, but for many women, it is necessary to achieve an orgasm.

While enjoying foreplay with a partner can be arousing, using a toy or vibrator can take it to the next level and ensure that you get to the big O. A pantie vibrator is a surefire way to spice things up in the bedroom and create arousal for both you and your partner.

There are so many different ways that you can play and explore with these fun panties. They come in a variety of different styles and can be a great addition to your lingerie wardrobe as well as your collection of sex toys.

Discreet Public Use

One of the most exhilarating ways to use vibrating panties is in a public place (discreetly of course!).

You can slip them on before you head out to date night and use them as a naughty tool between you and your partner to have some secret x-rated fun. The latest styles are Bluetooth vibrating panties so that your partner can take control with a remote. That means that when you’re on a romantic dinner date, your partner can control the setting and secretly turn on the vibrator in your panties.

This gives a whole new meaning to “public displays of affections”. Of course, you want to be discreet, and when things get too hot and heavy, you want to be close to home to take the festivities to the bedroom.

Personal Pleasure

There is no rule that limits your pantie vibrating pleasure to partner sex. Masturbation is a healthy part of your sexuality and exploring pleasure on your own can help you get to know your body.

Solo sex will give you an understanding of what it is that you enjoy. It will also make it easier for you to communicate your sexual needs to a partner once you’re ready to share in that type of pleasure. Masturbation is the best way to know what turns you on and that can, in turn, elevate sex with a partner.

You can also throw these on while doing any mundane task. Whether it’s the dishes or folding laundry – why not give yourself some added pleasure by wearing your vibrating panties?

These also come in handy if you enjoy stimulation on multiple erogenous zones on your body. Most vibrators are handheld and require you to hold them in place but with these panties, you’re free to use your hands to stimulate other areas of your body.

Submissive Situations

Many women enjoy submissive play, of course only when there is consent between both partners.

Remote control vibrating panties allow your partner to have complete control over your sexual experience. That means they control the intensity, the wave of vibration, and the level of stimulation. This can be a huge turn-on for both partners.

Vibration in the panties is an effective way to ensure that the clitoris is stimulated while your partner handles the other areas that give you pleasure. This gives them the same “hands-free” advantage as you get with vibrating panties during masturbation.

You can find vibrating panties at New Fine Arts along with more decadent lingerie to spice up the bedroom.

Passing on the Pleasure

If you know the level of pleasure and fun that vibrating provides, you can make it your duty to pass on the pleasure!

Not only can you enjoy these panties yourself, but they also make a wonderful gift to any of your friends. You don’t have to wait for a bachelorette party to spoil a friend with this sexy gift. It also makes a great gift for any of your single friends who might need a little action in the bedroom.

These are especially fun to reveal at a birthday or bachelorette party. They make a great conversation starter as well as initiate comfortable communication around sexual enjoyment. You could even throw a sex toy party for you and your girlfriends and incorporate these sexy panties.

There is no limit to the way that you can use vibrating panties as long as you’re being safe, discreet, and consensual. Let the fun begin!

Finding Pleasure With Vibrating Panties

Vibrators are handy little devices that help us get to the big O without a lot of sweat. They’re even more convenient when they’re built into a sexy pair of panties. When using vibrating panties for the first time, be sure to try them during foreplay, discreet PDA, masturbation, and submissive situations, and give them as a gift.

Visit our website and check out our full range of sex toys to get your mojo going strong!

Dildo vs Vibrator: Which Stimulation Is Right for Your Needs?

Each year people in America spend more than $15 billion on sex toys. If you are thinking of adding one to your repertoire then you’re in good company.

These toys offer you the perfect opportunity to explore new avenues of pleasure by yourself and with a partner. However, with more sex toys available on the market today, it’s hard to know where to start.

A dildo or vibrator is an essential part of any sex toy collection but a lot of people in America aren’t clear on what the difference between these toys is. Understanding this is essential if you are going to find the right toy to suit you.

So what is the difference between a dildo and a vibrator and how do you pick the right one for you? Read on to find out how to choose between a dildo vs vibrator.

What Is a Dildo?

Dildos are believed to date right back to the Stone Age, so they have really stood the test of time. While the designs and materials used to make these toys over the years have changed, one element has remained the same. These sex toys are primarily used for penetrative pleasure.

You can use dildos in a variety of ways. For example, they can penetrate the vagina, anus, and mouth. Or they can be used in strap-on play and for pegging.

Some dildos replicate a phallic shape, while others are designed for specific penetrative stimulation. They might, for example, feature ridges along the shaft to stimulate the G Spot. Double dildos are also available for double penetration or to be used by two people at the same time.

What Is a Vibrator?

When it comes to a vibrator vs a dildo, there is one main difference: vibrators vibrate and dildos don’t. However, vibrators can come in all shapes and sizes.

Small pebble-style vibrators are perfect for focused clitoral stimulation. Other vibrators can be used on the G Spot. Some, such as the famous rabbit vibrators, combine these elements for maximum pleasure.

Of course, you can use vibrators on a variety of different body parts. This includes in the vagina and anus, or on the clitoris. It can also feel great to use your vibrator on your other erogenous zones, such as the nipples and buttocks.

And women aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a good vibrator! They can also feel amazing when moved precisely along the shaft of the penis towards the tip or on the testicles. So you won’t be short of ways to use your vibrator.

Usually, vibrators come with a range of settings. These make it possible to adjust the speed and type of pressure while you are using them. This can really help you find what works best for you!

Choosing the Best Sex Toy For You

Choosing the right sex toy for you is all about finding your preferences. This is not a one-size-fits-all situation.

It is worth thinking about the types of sexual stimulation that you enjoy the most. For example, if you regularly orgasm from penetrative sex then a dildo will do the job. Alternatively, if you find clitoral stimulation is the key to orgasms for you, a vibrator is a good choice.

Of course, you also need to think about how you would like to use your sex toy. If you have specific plans then one might be better suited to it than the other.

For example, dildos are ideal for strap-on play and BDSM. In comparison, vibrators can be a more gentle way to ease yourself into a play session. Although you can still have a lot of fun with them!

It is also worth noting that all vibrators will require some sort of battery or charging. So you’ll need to plan ahead a little before you use yours.

When shopping for a new sex toy it can help to check out reviews from other customers. These can give you an insight into the pros and cons of different vibrators and dildos. For example, they can tell you about:

  • Their battery life
  • The type of sex games they’re ideal for
  • How long vibrators take to charge
  • How noisy different vibrators are

They’ll also give you an idea of how satisfying they are to use, which, after all, is what they’re there for!

Dildo vs Vibrator: Don’t Limit Yourself to a Single Sex Toy

Of course, when it comes to sex toys you don’t have to limit yourself. In fact, having a few different options to hand can help keep things exciting, whether you’re playing by yourself or with a partner.

In fact, the world of sex toys has a lot more to offer than just dildos and vibrators. As you start to explore, you might also want to try out:

  • Massagers
  • Anal plugs and beads
  • Bondage gear
  • Vibrating panties
  • Cock rings
  • Pocket pussies

So there are plenty of great ways to explore your pleasure, find your kinks, and have a great time!

Start Enjoying Dildo and Vibrator Masturbation Today

As you can see, when it comes to a dildo vs vibrator both have plenty to offer you. This depends a lot on what really gets you going and how you want to use your toy. So don’t be afraid to play around and try out different options to find out which works best for you!

Are you looking to introduce sex toys into the bedroom with your partner? Then check out our top tips on bringing toys into the conversation now.

The Who, When, Why, and How of Using a Cock Ring

Did you know that cock rings were invented around 1,200 BC? Cock rings have more or less stayed the same since then, although today, we can now make them out of safer and more comfortable materials. But the questions still remain the same: What does a cock ring do, how do you use a cock ring, and what is the purpose of cock ring?

Many men who have never used a cock ring before may be wary to try one at first, but you will find that they can enhance your sexual pleasure like never before. More than that, they can also be especially helpful for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Keep reading and learn more about how and why you should be using cock rings.

Why Should You Use a Cock Ring?

Cock rings such as a vibrating cock ring can be very helpful for men who have ED. ED happens to many men for a variety of reasons but it always involves the penis not getting enough blood flow to achieve an erection. It also may involve being able to get an erection but not being able to maintain that erection.

Normally, an erection occurs when the tissues within the penis, the corpus spongiosum and the corpus cavernosum, engorge with blood. These tissues are also designed to lock the blood in so the man will be able to maintain an erection. For men with ED, a cock ring can accomplish this.

While a cock ring cannot stop blood from flowing out of the penis, it can slow the blood flow. This is important because it means that a man with ED will be able to maintain an erection for a longer period of time. You can put on a cock ring even if you are only partially erect as well as when fully erect.

But what if ED isn’t a problem for you? If that’s the case, a cock ring may still be of interest to you. Many men find that they are able to achieve larger erections when wearing a cock ring.

This is because the blood in the penis is not able to easily flow out so it will add to the size of your erection. This additional swelling can provide increased sensation and pleasure. It can also help to better satisfy your partner.

Keep in mind that this should not be painful. If wearing a cock ring is painful for you, you are likely using a cock ring that is too tight for you. Also, a cock ring will only slightly (and not drastically) increase your erection.

How to Put on a Cock Ring

How to put on a cock ring doesn’t have to be a difficult task. When you first decide that you want to start using cock rings, you should buy a ring that is flexible and stretchy. That way, it will be much easier to put on.

As you become more experienced with cock rings, you should be able to move on to rings made out of different materials such as metal or glass. Cock rings made out of silicone are ideal for those who are new to the game. They are not only flexible but they are also comfortable and easy to clean.

There are also some adjustable cock rings if you prefer those. They can be helpful in determining how tight you want the ring to be. When it’s time to put on the ring, you’ll want to use plenty of lube.

Trying to put on a cock ring without lube can create unnecessary friction, and not the good kind. Keep in mind that if you are using a silicone cock ring, you won’t want to use silicone-based lube. Those two things don’t go well together and the lube can end up eroding your cock ring.

Instead, you will want to opt for a water-based lube. When you put on the cock ring, you won’t want to be fully erect. Instead, try putting it on when you are still flaccid or only semi-erect.

That will make the process of putting on the ring much easier. But where should you position the cock ring once you put it on? Most rings are designed to fit at the base of the penis.

However, some rings are designed to fit around the penis as well as the balls, although this is more advanced than beginners might prefer.

Don’t Leave the Ring on for Too Long

All good things must come to an end, and cock rings are no exception. You shouldn’t leave your cock ring on for too long, ideally no longer than 20 or 30 minutes. Why, you might ask?

What if you’re only getting started by that point? Even so, it isn’t healthy to leave on a cock ring for a prolonged period of time. That’s because the cock ring is designed to restrict blood flow to the penis.

Restricting blood flow is fine but only in short bursts. After a while, it can become dangerous. In some cases, leaving a cock ring on for too long can actually damage the tissues in your penis.

This can lead to more serious problems down the line such as erectile dysfunction. When it’s time to remove the cock ring, be as gentle as you were when putting it on. That will ensure that it won’t be a painful process.

Why You Need a Cock Ring

Adding a cock ring to your sex life can be your next great decision. By restricting the blood flow to the penis, it can enhance your sensation and sexual pleasure as well as your partner’s pleasure.

Getting Anal About Cleanliness: How to Properly Clean Your Anal Plug

No matter what material your anal plug is made of, not cleaning your sex toy can be a bad idea for a variety of reasons. Not only can dirty sex toys cause unpleasant infections, but not cleaning them can cut their lifespans short. When it comes to anal plugs, you will want to be especially careful when cleaning them.

Keep reading more below and learn some important tips for cleaning your anal butt plug.

How to Clean Your Anal Plug

Anal plugs come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. For that reason, some anal plugs are easier (or harder) to clean than others. A glass anal plug and a stainless steel anal plug are some of the easiest plugs to clean.

That’s because both glass and steel are non-porous. For that reason, bacteria won’t be able to penetrate the anal plug which would make it harder to completely clean. An easy way to clean glass and steel plugs is to boil them in water.

You should boil them for around 10 minutes. That way, any bacteria sitting on the surface of the toy should be completely destroyed. After you’re done boiling the plug, dry it thoroughly and then store it in a clean and dry location.

Silicone plugs are also relatively easy to clean because they are also non-porous. They are very common since many find them to be more comfortable than glass or steel plugs. You can try boiling silicone plugs, but they might not hold up well against the hot water.

Instead, it is best to wash your silicone plug with warm water and soap. You can wash the plug with your hands or a gentle rag, but you should never use a brush or anything harsh on the toy. This might create scratches in the toy which might make it uncomfortable to use the plug in the future.

You will want to be careful when washing a vibrating anal plug since the water might interfere with the mechanics inside.

More Tips on Keeping Your Anal Plug Clean

Porous anal plugs are especially hard to clean because bacteria will more easily be able to penetrate the toy. For example, jelly anal plugs are porous. To clean them, you will need to be very thorough when washing them with soap and water.

They also tend to be less durable than other toys so you won’t be able to boil them. To keep your anal plug from getting dirty in the first place, you can try using a condom over the toy. This is a common practice for those who use the same sex toy on different people.

This way, most of the bacteria will be on the condom instead of the toy itself. But keep in mind that even if you do use a condom on the anal plug, you shouldn’t avoid cleaning the plug regularly.

How to Clean Your Anal Plug

Cleaning an anal plug doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. If you have a glass or steel anal plug, try boiling it for 10 minutes to remove any bacteria. For other types of anal plugs, rinse them under hot water and wash them with soap.

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Go Big or Go Home: Is a Cock Extender Right for You?

Did you know that more than 30 million men in America suffer from erectile dysfunction? ED can be caused by a variety of factors but the result is always the same: a man isn’t able to achieve or keep an erection that will last long enough for sex. The solution to this may be a cock extender or sleeve.

A cock sleeve extender may also be beneficial for men who don’t have ED. Even though cock extenders were originally medical devices, they have unsurprisingly slid into the world of sex toys. Today, you can find all sorts of cock extender sleeve options on the internet and some even come with unique features such as ribs to increase your and your partner’s pleasure.

Keep reading and learn more about what a cock extender can do for you.

What Is a Cock Extender?

Traditionally, a cock extender was meant to help treat men with erectile dysfunction. It is a device that is designed to wrap around the penis and restrict blood flow. By restricting blood flow to the penis, the man would be able to achieve and maintain an erection without much effort.

Today, cock extenders and sleeves come in all shapes and sizes and they can do much more than treating ED. Those that are sex toys are especially versatile. You will find some cock sleeves only encompass the shaft of the penis while leaving the head exposed.

This can increase the sensation the man feels during sex. There is also the famous vibrating cock sleeve which can be very pleasurable both for the man and his partner. There are also some cock sleeves that are able to add length or girth to your penis.

This can be especially helpful for men who want to add some length to their penises. While the average penis length is only about 5 inches, a penis extender can be especially helpful for men who have penis lengths that are below average.

There are also some that increase the girth of your penis. Some penis sleeves have unique designs such as ribs or dots that can be stimulating for both you and your partner.

How to Use a Cock Sleeve or Extender

When using a cock sleeve or extender, you won’t want to wear the device for too long. That’s because it can restrict blood flow to the penis. While blood restriction is fine for short periods of time, it is not good for longer than 30 minutes.

After that point, restricting blood to the penis can end up damaging the tissues in the penis. To put on a cock sleeve, wait until you are semi-erect. Putting it on while fully erect might prove to be too difficult.

You should also make sure that you buy the right size sleeve, otherwise, it might be too tight or too loose. Once you are fully erect, the sleeve should stay in place on its own.

Is a Cock Extender Right for You?

A cock extender or sleeve might not be right for everyone, but it can certainly be helpful for many men. Whether you have ED or want to increase the length or girth of your penis, a cock extender might be the solution for you.

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