Dare To Try These Sex Toys With Your Lover – Part 2

As we have already mentioned in previous blogs, sexuality is full of options and no better way to share them than with your partner. New Fine Arts has for you the list of sex toys or accessories that you should try with your partner, part 2.

We know that sex toys or adult toys are objects that serve to increase sexual pleasure either during sexual intercourse or masturbation . Also, many of them can be an excellent complement to maximize the pleasure of any sexual practice if you are looking for spice your relationship and you can find them in adult stores like New Fine Arts, the number one in Dallas Fort Worth.

Let’s continue the list of what sex toys you should try:

Clitoris sucker

This sex toy is perfect for foreplay, as it helps to warm up. You will stimulate the woman in an incredible way, and you can use it not only for clitoral stimulation, but many of the erogenous zones of the body that we rarely pay attention to. This is the perfect toy for you to see how your partner enjoys and learn to know which are the areas of maximum pleasure. For more stimulation you can use the clitoris sucker  and at the same time practice oral sex, this will drive her crazy.


If BDSM  is something you’d like to try but you’re still not sure you want to do it, or don’t know how to ask your lover to do it, you can start with something light like handcuffs. There is a great variety of styles and materials so you should be careful in that aspect, so you don’t hurt yourself or your partner. You can start by performing erotic games such as oral sex, perform a lap dance or order him/her to please you in certain things to gain release or fastened to the headboard of the bed if possible. In this position you will be able to play all kinds of games without him or her being able to move too much, a perfect idea for those who love to experiment with domination in bed.

Dare Dice

This game that we all know from childhood but now we can give it a super sexual touch. It is the same dice that we play with but this time they are full of sexy challenges, kisses, body parts, even sexual positions that if you get them, you must dare to obey, or you may receive a punishment. This is an original and different way to bring daring ideas  to bed or to discover your partner’s secrets or fantasies if you prefer to play at telling secrets.

Without any doubt the options of adding a sex toy  or accessory to your relationship are limitless so it’s time to let your imagination run wild and seek the ultimate pleasure. Whether you are looking for a toy, lingerie , lubricants, or whatever your imagination dictates, don’t hesitate to visit any of our 3 New Florida Arts locations in Dallas. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.